Can you spare some time or money for a good cause?

Long-time northsider Dave Meyer has been organizing free events for residents in his Brentwood neighborhood for the past few months.  He’s hoping to spread the word to gain more financial support.

Here are the details from Dave:

We have a lot going for us in Brentwood but also many challenges that we are trying to overcome.  Our neighborhood simply has more apartment density and kids and families living in a small area than anywhere else.  Because our buildings are owned by 31 different property owners it’s hard to get them to work together … we are trying to use the church in the winter or Warner Park in the summer to gather and get the residents to gel together.  Two weeks ago we had over 35 kids and about 15 parents go on a nature walk in the part with some UW grad students. Many of the families live by the park but have never gone into it!

In a nutshell … our goals are to raise $12,000 in order to:

  1. Get families out of their homes or apartments
  2. Regularly gather neighbors in a safe, family-style environment that offers food and fun
  3. Gain their trust, develop leaders and build a sense of community.
  4. Connect them with northside and city wide social services, recreational and educational opportunities to help them improve their lives and create a better neighborhood – this will be done via face to face meetings with providers and on a new web site

We started last winter and have gotten together over 20 times.  I’ve received great support from Emerson Elementary School and Sherman Middle School staff as well as Madison Police, City/County Public Health Department, Tenant Resource Center and of course, St. Paul’s Church, who has an established Food Pantry and 501C3 called Living in Communities, Inc..

Again, our goals for the short term would be to raise about $12,000 to keep the Thursday night program going, build attendance and work to connect people with resources as we talked about and as is outlined above.  The funds would cover our food expenses, supplies for arts and recreational projects and the costs related to build the resource guide, both printed and on-line, to further help connect available services (social services, recreational and educational opportunities)  with our families.

Checks can be made out to: Living in Communities, Inc. (put Brentwood Village on the memo line) and send to:

David Meyer | 2302 Calypso Road | Madison, WI 53704

Contact Dave at 608-249-3665 or for more information


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